Learn About Solar Financing Options

If you decide not to purchase your solar system in cash, financing options like a $0 down solar loan or solar lease allow you to go green and save money spent on your electricity.


OWN Your  Solar Panels

$0 Down Solar Loans

Solar loans are a perfect option for those who want ownership of their new solar system. With our multiple loan options, you can finance the entire cost of your system, meaning zero down. Owning the system also comes with additional financial benefits.

The ultimate goal here is to replace your current utility bill with a lower solar payment that will never increase (unlike the utility companies, who increase rates every year).

RENT Your  Solar Panels

Solar Lease & PPA

If you sign a solar lease or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), you are “renting” the solar panel system from the solar company that owns it. While there is typically a zero down option, the cost of your new solar lease may be a bit higher than a solar loan, mainly because of included maintenance and insurance costs.

Need Help Deciding Between a Loan or a Lease?

Watch this quick EnergySage video put together to help understand the benefits and differences of each solar financing option.